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Amangati Hotel at LakeyPeak Sumbawa presents Lakey Beach Houses

With the choice of five world class surf breaks within walking distance of the front door, and others just a short boat ride away. The houses at LakeyPeak are perfect for Surfers; Surfing families and Couples and provide equal measures of pure surfing and ocean indulgence and total relaxation. The houses are Fully air-conditioned with satellite TV, Internet, hot & cold water, with a choice of three houses you can't go wrong. Access to the Amangati Hotel pool and restaurant next door add to the experience, a place where you can take your family or partner to relax while you surf all day. LakeyPeak Surf houses are located on Sumbawa Island just 2 Island east from Bali. A short 40 minute flight to the capital Bima and then 2 hours by road to Lakey beach. Flights and transport can be arranged in Bali before you leave.